Wholesale Roaming Manager

Preparing and maintaining the ideal roaming experience without wasting time needs tools that are perfectly connected – we do have them in place!


Streamline complex roaming service openings and commercial launches

  • Faster time to market results in earlier roaming revenues

  • Performance reports show which processes are working as expected and highlight any bottlenecks

  • Full transparency on all launches at any time

  • Improve the performance of your roaming team

Track and monitor roaming connections

  • Always up-to-date roaming footprint information

  • Identify roaming footprint gaps and display the increase of your connections over time

  • Report, filter and extract footprint data for management reporting or keeping client services up-to-date

  • View your roaming agreements on a world map

All test SIM cards in one repository

  • Track all important test SIM card information of your own and partner cards

  • Print shipping orders and SIM card labels

  • Stay up-to-date on current activities with a clearly arranged dashboard

Simplify IOT rates and discounts

  • Easy-to-use reporting tool for all important roaming tariffs

  • Have all your standard tariffs and discounts displayed in your currency

  • Stop missing out on outrunning discount agreements with automated reminders

Get the full RoamsysNext package tailored to your own needs!

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