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The Connectivity Innovation Forum was established to create a global community of telecommunications experts whose passion is to drive roaming innovation.

Mihai Luca


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Joint Innovators

RoamsysNext and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

2019 saw the launch of the RoamsysNext Innovation Lab founded as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research into new technologies through deep subject matter expertise.

We joint forces with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), an influential mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation supporting the RoamsysNext vision of driving intelligent connectivity. It delivers innovative products, solutions and services to a wide range of sectors and society itself.

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Main Topics

Bridging the gap between current and future roaming processes through blockchain multi-layer solution

As one of the fastest growing industries, telecom sector needs new processes and technologies. The potential of blockchain offers the next level of security, connectivity and trust, lacking in the industry currently.

The world is changing and RoamsysNext will lead through this change, time to hop on with us on this journey.