Hub and Group Solutions, GSMA RAEX Tools & Additional Services

Fast moving solutions for the fastest moving industry

We go the extra mile for operator groups and hubs

To get more complex organizations working as one can be tricky, but it’s easy with our fully connected and customizable toolkit.

Let your organisation group collaborate as one!

  • Switch between group and organisation view and track all service openings including status and backlogs

  • Use group accounts and dashboards fed by all your group members to get the full picture

  • Spot differences and gaps between group members

  • Get a solid basis for a group wide strategy and speed-up time-to-market of service openings

Speed-up the distribution of your hub documents!

  • Automatically collect Op Data, IOT and IR.21 documents that are distributed by operators

  • Merge RAEX documents with a hub template and send the amended documents back to the GSMA applications

  • Keep track with a detailed timeline and other logs

GSMA’s exclusive provider of RAEX solutions since 2009

  • Create your RAEX IR.21 and RAEX IOT/OpData documents

  • Receive your RAEX partner documents and track changes immediately

  • Use individual distribution lists for your RAEX documents

  • Get the full picture with the RAEX IR.21 catalog

  • Basic RAEX IR.21 reporting

  • Keep track about the distribution of all your RAEX documents

Additional Services

We are more than the sum of our products. Extra services based on all your business related needs are possible, just let us know!