RoamsysNext recently hosted the twelfth edition of the Connectivity Innovation Forum, marking its return after a year-long hiatus. The webinar featured two insightful speakers who delved into key challenges and innovative solutions in the realms of IoT management and roaming.

Marcus Irwin (JT) took the audience through JT’s journey in navigating the complexities of running an IoT business. He highlighted the pitfalls associated with uncertified devices and their detrimental effects on both network infrastructure and customer experience. Irwin also shed light on the frustrations surrounding device identification and certification, outlining JT’s strategies to address these issues effectively with the support of RoamsysNext.

Daniel McTague (Cellusys) presented a compelling case for the adoption of Steering of Roaming (SoR) systems to streamline roaming management amidst increasing complexity. He showcased how automated SoR systems enhance system provisioning accuracy and provide comprehensive visibility across various roaming technologies. By integrating diverse data sets into the SoR framework, operators can proactively address roaming issues, preempting subscriber complaints. Crucially, McTague emphasized the pivotal role of API technology in enabling seamless automation, replacing manual processes with swift, integrated actions across operator networks.

The forum underscored the importance of innovation in addressing the evolving challenges of IoT management and roaming complexities. Through insightful presentations by industry leaders like Irwin and McTague, participants gained valuable insights into practical strategies for enhancing network efficiency and customer satisfaction.

You can meet RoamsysNext and Cellusys together with Yaana and IOD (Hutchinson) at their joint stand during WAS #19 in Istanbul, Turkey, from April 16–18!