Add an extra layer of security to your core networks and protect yourself and your subscribers


Configure your network with improved data quality using the Network Configuration Optimizer!

  • Sophisticated Automation Rules protect you from unexpected data in your networks

  • Health checks point you directly to the configuration pain points

  • Perform regular audits of all your network nodes

In March 2021 the GSMA introduced a central global database and exchange platform to operators to analyse fraud-related incidents efficiently, and with more accuracy. All members can access and share their latest fraud intelligence, to enable quick analysis and prevention of costly network fraud.

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High Risk Numbers

  • Fast sharing of traffic-fraud data to operators around the world

  • Reported numbers from primary sources in one place, with labels and comments

  • Speeds up fraud number alerts, ensuring valid partner network numbers and ranges are not blocked

  • An easy-to-digest view of threat reports

  • GSMA operators can access high risk numbers for free.

Fraud Intelligence Service

  • IR.21 data: roaming partners’ network IP addresses, number ranges, IMSIs and High Risk Numbers

  • Geolocation, mobile carrier and ASN data to form threat intelligence

  • Look up IMSI ranges across all IR.21 sections, validate inbound roaming service configurations or check Evolved Packet Core realm and Access Point Name configurations.

  • Set up personalised data alerts

Telecom Security by RoamsysNext & POST Luxembourg

With the biggest provider in Luxembourg we share our global security vision to provide tools and services created by telecom experts for the telecom industry

Telecom Security Scanner

  • Penetration Testing SS7 – Diameter – GTP

  • Telecom security assessment based on GSMA benchmark, additional test cases provided by POST Luxembourg

  • Realtime alerting of critical findings

Telecom Intrusion Detection System

  • Real-time passive monitoring platform for roaming and inter-connection signalling traffic

  • Automatically detects and alerts about actual ongoing threats in real-time

  • Extensive vulnerability knowledge base that grows with each attack

  • Helps you protect your core network, assets & subscribers from cyberattacks