Galileo Galilei used to say: “Curiosity always comes first in a problem that wants to be solved.” Well, we have one small thing in common with the Italian polymath: we are curious and not afraid to ask questions. That’s why we recently launched a customer satisfaction survey to increase customer understanding, to identify potential for improvement in performance and service, and to provide the best possible solutions fitted to our customers’ individual needs.

Monitoring, tracking and improving the end to end process when working through multiple bilateral relationships and service launches. The tool provides the granularity need to assess the process, improve the process and accurately report on progress.

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At RoamsysNext, we are more than an agile and innovative bunch of passionate telecom professionals. We constantly ask the question: What do our customers expect from their product? How exactly should it be, how easy-to-use, how detailed and high-quality? Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. And the long-term loyalty of our customers to RoamsysNext proves that we have been successful with this.

We have chosen the RoamsysNext software solution because the company is adaptable and easy to deal with, has an agile approach and is constantly pushing the envelope for innovative solutions.

As part of our review process, we measured how RoamsysNext has adapted to change over time and is open to experimentation from a commercial or solution approach. Those are the values that we look for in our strategic partners.

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Short and Sweet: What do our customers think of us?

The customer survey was launched in May. Our active customers answered 24 questions that explored their experiences communicating with our teams, using our products, and the state of innovation.

  • 88.57% of our customers evaluate communication with the RoamsysNext team during the sales, contract and implementation phases as extremely/very effective.

  • 87.87% rate communication in terms of account management, support, regular improvements, and incident management as extremely/very effective.

  • 84.38% of our customers use our tools several times a week, especially to work from home.

Feature-richness, ease of use and continuous improvements to the products.

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We also asked our customers about the main reasons why exactly our tools are used in their companies:

  • accelerated processing, especially when automating highly complex processes

  • perfectly tailored product suite which is the only one that offers the necessary granularity to effectively handle the required processes

  • knowledgeable specialists
  • friendly support
  • simple and user-friendly handling of the tools

  • 80% of our customers believe RoamsysNext is driving innovation very much


And they have a point there. Through the collaborative development of the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service, we have reached a milestone in reducing roaming and interconnect fraud.

The most exciting feature consists of the latest GSMA IR.21 data, enriched with ipData OSINT threat feeds which is then systematically analysed and displayed for fraudulent activity. This way, MNOs can already see today what happens tomorrow. Have a look at GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service. Just reach out to us and we can help with the registration and provide a short online training to get you familiar with the tool.

Reliable & up to global standards.

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In particular through our Connectivity Innovation Forum which we launched 1.5 years ago, we bring practitioners and experts in the telco industry together to share ideas that can lead to better decisions and collaboration on new technologies. The next Connectivity Innovation Forum will take place after the summer break, so look forward to it!

It’s a very good product with a great support!

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Back to our customer survey, we also polled the sometimes considered “dangerous” because very honest Net Promoter Score®. It is an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to a friend or a colleague.

  • 89.09% of our customers like RoamsysNext’s products

RoamsysNext is a great company with even greater people working there! Never stop what you are doing and how you are doing it. Your customers can feel your enthusiasm and your passion. Great Staff!

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At RoamsysNext, we pride ourselves on having great relationships with our customers. Thank you to our valuable customers from all over the world who have given us their honest opinions. It is an honor to have received such positive feedback, and we will use the results of this survey to ensure that we continue to innovate and grow with you to create a better future. Thank you so much!

At the time when we started with “Roamsys” there was no such tool like their solution. And their solution was very close to our inhouse solution which came eol. Still today there is no tool like the RoamsyNext Software Solutions. Many time copied but never reached!

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