With the latest release on September 10 our tools got some hot new features throughout all modules. The focus has been set on new security elements by using two-factor authentication as well as many long-awaited features for the tariffs module. But there’s a lot more to explore.

To increase security in your RoamsysNext account, we have made two-factor authentication (2FA) available to all customers. When enabled you will have to use an authenticator app in addition to your username and password. Administrators can require all users to enable 2FA for their personal accounts.

The Tariffs application has been the main focus of this release: your place to maintain all wholesale tariffs. In addition to outbound tariffs, you can now maintain inbound tariffs, too. We added support for MTC and VoLTE rates as well as three rate zones that can be customised for each roaming partner. And finally you can now show all partners with who you don’t have any tariffs or discounts in place based on your roaming footprint.

Rollouts offers new variables for the name of the VPMN and HPMN organization as well as its MCC/MNC, that can be used to customize your TCC, CLL and other documents. In the IREG Toolbox we’ve added network country columns and a new read-only view for configuration templates.

In Networks, we now clearly indicate if service openings and closings information refer to dates in the past or in the future to make it easier for you to decide what is relevant. VoLTE availability is now displayed in the “VoLTE Outbound” column.

We simplified tag management by adding shortcuts to the tag management functionality to all places where tags are displayed. This feature is now available in IREG Toolbox, Networks, Rollouts, Steering and Tariffs, and it will be rolled out to all remaining applications in the next update. For more detailed information please refer to the release notes.

Our next update is planned for November 5th.