Meet Post Luxembourg Cyberforce and Cyan Digital Security at our booth at WAS #10

RoamsysNext is always on the pulse of industry trends and issues, and we are aware that security related questions have been a hot topic in the last years. So far our focus was mainly on data quality, the Network Configuration Optimizer helps processing valid data in your networks and closing a lot of possible open doors created by faulty data.

RoamsysNext Security Solutions

New technologies like 5G and especially IoT have risen the awareness, that in a steadily more risk aware society solutions focused on security are more than ever needed. So we teamed up with two big players in global telecoms security to add products to the RoamsysNext portfolio a lot of our customers have asked for.

Our connection to Post Luxembourg is very close not only because of the distance in the small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. When we developed the first prototype of the IREG Toolbox we worked closely together with our colleagues there to get MNO insights and so we were able to bring a solution to the market, that now is a real problem solver for a lot of happy customers.

When POST was looking for security solutions tracking traffic in real-time, they found nothing that fit their needs perfectly, so they decided to do it by themselves and founded the POST Cyberforce. Their solution comes with a customizable penetration test at the beginning putting their Telecom Intrusion Detection System (TIDS) in the middle of the MNOs pain points afterwards.

A second perspective on security solutions with a focus on end-users could be opened by including the CYAN security products. Cyan, headquartered in Germany and Austria, is a market leader in virtual communications (MVNO Enabler) serving over 300 companies (B2B) and operating with 200+ IT- centres worldwide. With their Clean Pipe DNS solution unwanted traffic can be blocked for the whole subscriber base. The On-Net Security package provides an extra layer of endpoint security that can be added as a personalized service.

As this is the first time we included third party solutions into the RoamsysNext product portfolio we take special care and are very happy to have our partners at our booth 13 at WAS #10. Tom Posti is our business consultant responsible for this exciting cooperation and he already received a lot of feedback when this has been announced the first time a short while ago: “Our customers are highly interested in this solutions as the industry is changing quickly and with new technologies new questions regarding security come up. With our deep industry insights we can help our partners providing the best possible solutions for actual threat scenarios, and we are happy to offer powerful tools to our customers.”

To find more about our cooperations please check our website or just come to booth 13 at Was #10!