A feature that was long anticipated and a client’s wish was introduced in ROLLOUTS with our latest release. From now on you can create ONE rollout for the launch of MULTIPLE services and directions. Read more below about all details and some other super-fresh features we added with this update.

One Rollout to rule them all!

You all know this case: You won a new roaming partner and you have to gather all details for all services and directions. That’s a lot of rollouts that need to be created and for many use-cases it would be much more convenient, to have one rollout for all services at once.

A while ago, we included the option, to add multiple TADIG codes to one rollout. With our latest feature we have now opened up Rollouts to add an extra layer of flexibility to fit your own workflows perfectly. To launch business with a new or existing partner you can now add one rollout that covers all services and all directions in one single rollout.


We are well aware, that service launches not always as smooth as it should be. In the next release we will add an option to transfer services included in one rollout into a single new one. This will give you the option to close the main rollout and keep the open tasks in a new rollout. We are working on it right now!

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Add Contacts Manually

Our tools work perfectly extracting all necessary information from the documents sent to you via the GSMA Roaming Gateway. Technical information from RAEX IR.21s, payment information from RAEX OpData (read more about this later) and all the contacts gathered in both document types. But from time to time there are more contacts needed that are not covered in the official documents. So from now on you are able to add contact information manually.

To find the correct person for your task can be a time consuming thing. So our tools offer multiple options to find the person you need at the correct spot. We have the Contacts module that allows you to find all contacts for all operators and partners. The Contacts module is fine for searching globally, but it’s also available in all other modules. The so called Application Interconnect ties all our modules together and makes all necessary information available wherever they are needed. And within the Operator Detail View located in the Networks module you get all information for one operator at a glance. And now you will have the manually added contacts available as well.

Get notified about OpData payment changes

As we just talked about contacts, we all know, that there are a lot of them covered in RAEX OpData documents. So many changes within these documents refer to contact changes. But there might be more important changes. With a small new feature we added a notifier option to the Contacts module. In the Settings, you can now state, that you want to receive a notification email, as soon as there are changes in the payment section. This helps you avoid trouble and costs when money is transferred to wrong bank accounts. Just a small thing, that can be very helpful!