The 11th edition of the Connectivity Innovation Forum took place last week with two inspiring presentations. Gilbert Relou and Nitin Bhas (Kaleido Intelligence) looked back to the latest WAS conference in Cape Town and highlighted the five key takeaways from one of the most important industry events. In the second part of the webinar Johannes Kaiser (RoamsysNext) introduced the many changes that will come with the next RAEX IR.21 schema release published by the GSMA in January, but focused on the opportunities especially when it comes to the automation of network configurations.

It’s exciting times for the roaming industry with many challenges, but also a lot of opportunities. Looking back at WAS16 in Cape Town, Gilbert Relou and Nitin Bhas presented the five most important trends and topics discussed at the conference (you can download the full Kaleido Intelligence report directly from the InfoCentre).

  1. VoLTE roaming backlog being prioritized by mobile operators
  2. 5G SA roaming high on tier-1 MNO Agenda, but not so much for smaller operators
  3. Growing need to address gap between wholesale and retail
  4. Revisiting connectivity strategies as IoT roaming now considered a viable business model
  5. Handling growing complexity a concern among roaming managers

The growing complexity in many areas of the business will be a major focus throughout the industry in the next years, but there are ways to get out of this stronger, more effective and with bigger revenues. New technologies and use cases need to be approached by new strategies and more automated processes.

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One example on how to deal with innovation and fast-developing technological aspects is the update of the RAEX IR.21 schema. This is reviewed and updated regularly by the GSMA and industry experts with the next update coming on January 24. Johannes Kaiser introduced the most important changes and shared his ideas how this can be used to change the way we work with IR.21 data.

    • Support of new technologies (5G SA support, IoT quality parameters etc.)
    • Schema improvements with less free text and removal of obsolete data
    • Coverage indicator for supported technologies
    • Stricter validation rules and more sanity checks

Based on a recent customer survey by RoamsysNext especially the better implementation of new technologies and more standardization has been requested by the MNOs. Also incomplete data and dummy values are a big struggle, especially for those operators trying to automate the network configuration.
The new schema should lead to a massive improvement of data quality with better structured data, less obsolete information and more information on new technologies.
To be prepared and future-ready MNOs shouldn’t accept non-RAEX files and documents sent by email anymore. This process is time-consuming, both for the sender as well for the recipient of the file as it requires a lot of manual intervention. Of course, RoamsysNext will support both customers as well as non-customer MNOs to drive compliancy within the industry.

Please find more information about the new release and the impact on RoamsysNext customers here: The New Age of the IR.21

Thanks a lot to all attendees and speakers and see you again at the Connectivity Innovation Forum #12.

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