Nobody likes to hear that, but let’s face the facts: every roaming network is attacked by malicious actors every day, and you alone, i.e. your organisation, bear the resulting loss of revenue.

Regularly checking the configurations of your roaming network is like cleaning your home: it may not be much fun, but once it’s done, you can sit on the couch with the confidence that everything around you is healthy, clean and safe.

With the Network Configuration Security Check, the experts at RoamsysNext have created a professional and trustworthy solution for protecting your core network configurations. With the vulnerability screening, we analyse the data configured in the network for unauthorised implementation, errors in manual processing or indicators of malicious actions.

We deliver the exact results quickly so that the specialists in your audit department can take corrective action. With clear dashboards, the Executive Summary Report makes it easy for the management to see the big picture and helps to make important decisions. For our existing customers, all of these checks are already carried out in full using our Network Configuration Optimizer, which is of course monitored by our experts.

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What our customers say about us

The experienced RoamsysNext team managed the whole process from start to finish. We were able to cut the efforts our teams would otherwise have spent for checking, reviewing and fixing misconfigurations. This saved a lot of time and money for Telekom Romania.

Our configuration data was analyzed by RoamsysNext and put into a perfectly structured form for an effective comparison. We received a complete overview of the results in a clearly organized report as well as a configuration script, so the detected discrepancies could be easily corrected.

We will not hesitate to recommend the RoamsysNext Network Configuration Security Check to rapidly whip your configuration data into shape and update partner networks more effectively. In addition, we received valuable information on how to keep on implementing partner network updates more effectively and with better quality in the future.

Dan Stavride
Engineer, Telekom Romania