The first Connectivity Innovation Forum of the year saw a new peak in attendance, which wasn’t a surprise, as automation in roaming is one of the industry’s hottest topics. Four key members of the Hutchison Group Innovations Opportunities Development (CKHIOD) team presented their approach on automation, digitalization and quality of service.

  • Connectivity Innovation Forum #9 – February 2022
  • Automation in roaming – moving from thought to action
  • Participants: 155

In a short introduction Anneli Jennersjo Lundberg described how innovations, opportunities and development within the whole Hutchison group set a path that directly leads into innovative projects and solutions. Matthew Bisoffi showed how automated end-to-end processes are driving efficiency throughout all H3G operative companies using the expertise of selected and innovative vendors. By focusing on concrete issues and problems (too much data to review, forecast of traffic trends in a period of uncertainty, resource intensive network updates, etc.) the team developed very own solutions and innovative workflows.

Automation is one of the cornerstones for how we think and how we started going forward from automating minor tasks to end-to-end processes.
Matthew Bisoffi, CHKIOD

One fine example is the E2E Network Configuration Automation, where 3 Scandinavia as a pilot for the whole CKH group joined forces with RoamsysNext to develop a tool automating the E2E updates for network information. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy were the main targets for streamlining this complex process removing human interaction as much as possible.

Examples of key projects on automation and digitalization at Hutchison Group

  • End2End Network Configuration Automation
  • Travel Recovery and Steering Optimization with AI
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Wheel and Super SQI

Manuela Montagna focussed on the impact of automation for quality of service. Automation can help to a large extend to provide a future-proof quality of service supporting new technologies, products, and services. The Roaming Services Database supported by RoamsysNext is one important part of the so called “QoS Wheel” that also includes active and passive monitoring of traffic and customer experience.

Finally, James Westby gave some exciting insights on how H3G manages the massive amounts of data coming in:

Key drivers and ethos at Hutchison Group ICS

  • Automation and Digitisation = efficiency and future proof
  • Single point of entry and Single source of truth
  • Interconnectivity between systems.
  • Common vendor across all Hutchison affiliates.
  • Data vision & strategy.

This approach combines relevant sources, establishes new ways of collaboration by sharing information, visualizes data to make it easier to detect issues and opportunities and integrates AI to make the most of the available data. All this data goes into a huge Data Lake, where the data provided by RoamsysNext products is an important part.

The impressive presentation was followed by a lively discussion clearly showing the interest in automated processes and agile quality of service approaches. RoamsysNext is proud to be part of this highly innovative system and the vision behind it.

If you are interested to receive the link for the recorded video session, please reach out to Mihai Luca at RoamsysNext.  Also, if you would like to explore a closer collaboration with CKH IOD’s International Carrier Services team, please do reach out directly to Anneli Jennersjo Lundberg.