Our regular product releases always introduce many long-awaited new features to our product suite. Some are visible on first sight, some are a bit hidden under the roof. The November release offers many improvements especially related to our 3rd party API functionalities, so let’s have a look what it’s all about.

Many of our key features can be used not only within our tools but also by connecting the system with your own environment. Your data is available in a machine-readable JSON format via RESTful web services so both technology and functionality aspects guarantee a secure and restricted access to the API.

The most important features that can be used via API in a nutshell:

Network Configuration Optimizer

Machine-readable extracts and configuration files: You can retrieve full extracts for all (sub-)sections and configurations stored in the tool. Both pending and processed configurations and both changes to IR.21 data as well as the current IR.21 data can be accessed via API.

Update the configuration status: You can automatically update the status of a configuration process stored in the system from a 3rd party application.

Add comments to configurations: While configuring your network nodes you can automatically push comments into the system.

NEW: A custom fields metadata call is now available: The extracts metadata call has been extended by IR.21 section and data type information

RoamsysNext Network Configuration Optimizer

Wholesale Roaming Manager

Push data to external servers: Push customized reports (service openings, connections, etc.) to your own server via SFTP upload.

Sync roaming footprint: Sync your roaming footprint stored in a 3rd party system to add, update or delete one or more connections for a partner. Never get lost in inconsistent data between multiple systems again.

NEW: The SIM Cards 3rd party API has been greatly expanded: You can now retrieve all data for own and partner SIM cards via the API. In addition to this you can add new SIM cards and edit or delete existing SIM cards via the API and change the status of your SIM cards.

If you are interested in using any of our API solutions, please contact our support team!