Building software can be complex and challenging, but your roaming tools shouldn’t be. This time, we have some exciting updates to share. Learn all about

  • more flexible dashboard functions

  • optimized IREG Toolbox, also now with advanced application interconnect, improvements in audits, and enhanced roaming hub support

  • Rollouts with a new clearer user interface and more flexibility in templates and workflows

…just to name a few. As a customer, you can see all new features of the July release in the release notes section of the Launchpad.

Dashboards and Reports

  • you can now choose between displaying your organization’s dashboard and your own. Just use the “open” button in the lower left corner. You can edit the organization dashboard with a special permission

  • in Networks, country coverage report and group country coverage report tables now contain additional columns with the status for specific services

  • in Networks, world maps now include a legend

IREG Toolbox

  • we already interconnected all applications with the advanced application interconnect in the last release: jump directly from any application that has a partner-operator context to another such as Contacts, Documents, Networks, Rollouts, SIM Cards

  • now also available for IREG Toolbox: the dialog box enables you to jump directly to the inbox, a task, configurations or networks
  • IREG Toolbox audit results now include also valid entries from your IREG Toolbox database and your network nodes which makes investigations much easier
  • enhanced roaming hub support with a new conflict handling option. You can now also create configurations manually based on roaming hub alias TADIG codes (columns added to configurations overview)


  • new clearer user interface and more flexibility in templates and workflows

  • two additional user fields added: “IREG owner” and “negotiator”

  • new task status “n/a”: you can now quasi-unroll tasks, but without deleting them, they are treated the same way as tasks set to “completed”. Phase estimate/due date adjusts and is reflected in the phase performance report
  • enhanced roaming hub support: select a roaming hub from the rollout creation screens and it will be applied in networks when the rollout is created

The complete list with all new features of the July release is available in the release notes section of the Launchpad.

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