The growing expectations of consumers and the demands of modern businesses always challenge the telecommunications industry to innovate quickly and on a large scale. Currently, the transition to 5G is causing a rapid increase in connected devices and data, so, the mode of operation in MNOs has to improve quickly and efficiently.

After the Vendor Innovators study and ROCCO 100 that recognized top people in the industry, ROCCO has launched the MNO Innovators Awards to select the Top 5 innovative solutions that take place within MNOs.

E2E Network Configuration Automation

We are thrilled to have been chosen and proud to be part of CKH Innovation Opportunities Development Hutchison’s efforts to implement automation at 3 Scandinavia, a perfect example of how the RoamsysNext products can be fully integrated into 3rd party systems!

The RoamsysNext solution automatically downloads IR.21 documents from the GSMA Infocentre database, passes the content, extracts and categorises relevant data based on the receiver. To streamline the process, RoamsysNext and 3 Scandinavia collaborated as a pilot for CKH Group operating companies to develop a tool that automates the E2E updates for network information. Now, only the necessary data is downloaded in IR.21, which must be implemented in the operator’s systems at specific time stamps, and is then converted to a readable file format for each system.

The benefits are obvious: the solution massively reduces manual operation and thus eliminates possible human errors. With less waiting time when implementing or updating IR.21, process speed and reliability have increased dramatically. By updating all updates in the same time window, the implementation happens in real time and the waiting time for each department to implement IR.21 is massively reduced.
Streamlining processes results in significant cost reduction. It ensures that customers can latch on to the selected roaming partners in the steering list. This not only improves customer experience and service quality, but also increases roaming revenues.
By ensuring that the partners’ customers can smoothly join the network, we contribute to creating and retaining an abundance of loyal customers. Last but not least, clean network nodes guarantee high security levels and a fraud-proof and trouble-free network.

We are very happy and thankful for the election into the TOP 5 of the MNO Innovators Awards. You can find here the detailed presentation of the project. And if you have become curious and would like to optimise your processes with a strong partner, please reach out to us!
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