The first Connectivity Innovation Forum of this year started with a bang: Adrian Dodd, Head of GSMA Services, opened the forum by announcing a brand new tool. The GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service will give mobile operators access to the latest threat intelligence to protect their networks against roaming and interconnect fraud. More than eighty interested attendees listened carefully to Adrian as he introduced the service in its two key components: High Risk Number Ranges and Fraud Intelligence Analytics.

Fraud Intelligence that makes you smile

The new home of the High Risk Number Ranges consists of a central online resource where you can upload and download threat data, publish public fraud labels, comments and sightings. This replaces the “antique” process of using spreadsheets to share high risk numbers throughout the GSMA Fraud and Security Group.
The application adds many powerful features in its full subscription service. Using sophisticated Fraud Intelligence Analytics, the high risk number ranges are virtually married with IR.21 data and other resources. Operators are able to use private labels and comments, as well as to set up API access for their own fraud management system.
According to the motto “Sharing is caring“, Adrian encouraged the participants to register and start sharing high risk numbers on an ongoing basis.

Because this is all about the sum of the parts. If everybody is contributing, you will all be able to download more and more useful information and intelligence about fraud on which you can act on. So, we wish to stimulate a community of active contributors who will also benefit from being able to download those overall contributions from each other in fighting fraud.
Adrian Dodd, Head of GSMA Services

Michael Loßbrand, Quality Manager at RoamsysNext, then demonstrated the functionalities of the new GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service and gave clear examples of how easy it is to submit high risk numbers and track fraudulent activity. With a simple onboarding process, MNOs are quickly up and running. The good news for all RoamsysNext customers is that full integration into the well-known RoamsysNext universe is fully available. A lively discussion followed with first ideas for future enhancements.

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