30 March 2021, London: This month, the GSMA launched the Fraud Intelligence Service, a secure, web-based platform for operator members, that mitigates the impact and cost of roaming and interconnect fraud. Again the GSMA partnered with RoamsysNext to create the platform.

For the first time, quick detection, smart analysis and fast sharing of high risk numbers, ranges and IR.21 data is possible, through the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service’s simple digital tools and filters. The intelligence is systematically checked and verified as it’s uploaded allowing operators to act quickly on the information with confidence.

“RoamsysNext was our first choice partner for the new GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service because of their in-depth knowledge of mobile roaming and software development expertise,” said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer at GSMA, remarked, “The GSMA and RoamsysNext have successfully collaborated for many years on GSMA’s RAEX tool giving us confidence that we could deliver a market leading solution.”

RoamsysNext CEO Michael Grasmück added, “Already the service has attracted a large amount of interest among operators who were already benefitting from the GSMA High Risk Range list. To us, this shows the great need in the industry for a platform such as this.”

For more information, visit gsma.com/services