Even at a time when most of us are still living a new work-from-home experience, spring is always a time of renewal and fresh energy. 

And you can feel that energy in the March release: Many new features as well as a completely new functionality have been added to the RoamsysNext product suite bringing a fresh perspective to service launches.

You can find a complete list of new features in the Release Notes section of the Launchpad.

Your management will love Rollout Targets!

As good old Leo Tolstoy once said, spring is the time of plans and projects and your roaming roadmap will soon be filled with new service openings and roaming partners…! Seriously, with the Wholesale Roaming Manager, you can easily track and manage all service openings and connect them to your roaming footprint. From a management perspective, the tool provides many reporting features to identify service and coverage gaps and maximize your roaming revenues.
With this release, we’ve added a new layer of management features. It’s now possible to define precise targets you want to achieve in specific time frames, whether it’s the number of service openings or expected revenue. No more panicking at the end of the year when the agreed roadmap seems unachievable: With Rollout Targets you stay focused and on track with full visibility and less stress.
Rollout Targets can be easily added to your Wholesale Roaming Manager plan. Want to learn more about this useful new feature? Just contact us at sales@roamsys.com.

Ask and we deliver!

Spring is also the time of house cleaning and tidying, so use the energy to reorganize all those documents that distract you from the important things. After you throw away everything unnecessary, our Documents module is the perfect repository to store all your roaming partner-related documents. With this release, we’ve added the option to upload not only documents in common text formats, but also pictures. If you get things like network diagrams or screenshots in jpg, png or most other file formats, just upload them to your repository.

Cleanup is always about focusing on relevant things, and in a rapidly changing world, things can quickly go from important to irrelevant. Working on our customers’ roaming footprints always shows many inactive or discontinued networks. In the January release, we already included 2G-3G closure dates in the Networks module. In a second step, we have now added more information about the network status. You can find them on the Connections and Networks tab of the Networks module and in the connection details, too. Please note that the corresponding columns are hidden by default, but you can easily add them via the Columns drop-down menu.

Another new feature in Networks requested by customers is the more flexible definition of time periods for the Connection Report. Since the previous maximum was one year, you can now define larger report periods for earlier years or specific time periods. In addition to MCC/MNC, we have also added a new MGT CC/NDC column to the Connections and Networks tables. And finally, we’ve added a column for frequencies, but this is where the RoamsysNext customer community comes in. Even though frequencies are an essential part of the IR.21 documents, the list may not be complete. If you discover any missing frequencies, please let us know and we will add them.

To speed up service openings in Rollouts, it’s always convenient to have your partner contacts just a click away, so we’ve connected the already existing Contacts module. Within the rollout details, you will now find a new Contacts tab right beside the well-known Documents tab at the top right.

New technologies, new extracts

New technologies are more and more included in the RAEX IR.21 documents, so we have added some new extracts for 5G and VoLTE to the IREG Toolbox:

• LTE > 5G early drop support
• VoLTE > Mobility and voice continuity
• VoLTE > IMS realms of roaming interconnection (LBO scenarios)
• VoLTE > S8HR roaming constraints for emergency calls

And as requested by your side several times, we have added the tags-column to the Audit results.

The next update is scheduled for May 20, 2021!

Connectivity Innovation Forum #8 – Register Now

You are cordially invited to attend the next edition of our Connectivity Innovation Forum: Tuesday, March 30, 3 PM to 4 PM CET.

We will introduce you to experienced and influential people in the industry. They will first fascinate you with fact-filled presentations of newest industry developments.

Adrian Dodd
, Head of GSMA Services, will present on the latest findings in Roaming and Interconnect Fraud. There are new developments that help mobile operators access latest threat intelligence to protect their networks and safeguard their livelihoods.

Afterwards, everyone is welcome to participate in a lively discussion, expand their knowledge and seize opportunities! Our business analyst Mihai Luca can’t wait to be your host. Register now at forum@roamsys-next.com.