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For quite some time now, we have been highlighting the main security and fraud issues that IT professionals and fraud specialists with high-level responsibilities have to deal with. And we have come to an important conclusion: security teams would be relieved if they could be absolutely sure that their company is taking the best possible measures on any level to connect safely to other networks.
Our main concern is to help MNOs create a perfect environment for their employees so that they can work with the right tools and handle sensitive information on roaming partners correctly and efficiently. The overarching requirement to any tool is a positive ROI. Well, gaining additional roaming revenues that exceed the investment is something we are prepared for. Enter: a firework of possibilities!

RoamsysNext’s Wholesale Roaming Manager focusses on roaming partner relationships by introducing collaboration tools that converge everything from test SIM cards as well as tariff, document and contact management.
Managing service openings sounds like a complex piece of work, and it really is. What enormous amounts of sensible data have to be brought in and managed safely! Nevertheless, we are able to simplify the process to a large extent in a safe and user friendly environment.

RoamsysNext Insights

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Let us first talk about Rollouts, it is worth the while. Within the Rollouts module service openings for all roaming partners are planned, run and monitored. The main challenge is to be aware of the various processes and tasks in order to identify bottlenecks for swift measures and decisions. This usually increases the time-to-market of the service. In Rollouts, users benefit from the faster market launch of services and better planning and tracking of service launches. An intuitive interface ensures that implementations are carried out quickly and efficiently. It is important to emphasize that Rollouts can be completely adapted to the workflows of individual customers. Even though these are usually similar, each company does things a little differently. And we can adapt completely to the needs of every customer to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Teamwork made easy

In order to be a success, a service opening usually requires the collaboration of various teams. There is mostly the challenge in coordinating teams effectively, especially with respect to communicating the completion of tasks for other teams to begin their tasks. With the WRM the efficient coordination of various teams involved in testing and launching services is ensured. All ongoing and completed service launches across the whole group can be displayed in one view. Automatic alerts can be created based on defined workflows for example, or for overdue and inactive tasks, so every user can quickly organize their work based on group priorities. Overall priorities can be defined to monitor the workload and to create performance reports, as well. Sometimes temporary support is needed, so that sharing tasks across the team can improve the whole roaming team’s performance.

Speed is key

Powerful dashboards display country coverage, open rollouts show the increase of connections over time. Full transparency on service openings is vital for managers, team leaders or coordinators who on a regular basis require reports on general performance or progress of service openings. This can be difficult to obtain unless a project management tool or process is used to create these reports. The WRM is able to create a complete picture on all launches, including progress and potential problems at any time. Also, with the creation of templates best-practice workflows across the group can be established. They help with getting started, involving relevant users, third party players and reducing email communication as well. Speed is key when it comes to service openings especially for new technologies. RoamsysNext helps customers with accelerating and making the running on the market.

It’s all about connections

Moving on to the Networks-section and footprint management in the Wholesale Roaming Manager users can see here the actual state of affairs. With the help of exact filters users are able to customize maps and clearly arrange charts and roaming agreements on a world map. The connections to all roaming partners are tracked so that footprint gaps even between local markets are easily displayed. Connection by service, by status, connection reports regarding country and service coverage can be retrieved as well as reports on service level (e.g. 5G and all new services). These reports can be sent on demand or weekly or monthly via email. Of course, the connection with GSMA InfoCentre2 resources is provided for, too. Flexible roaming footprint reports with impressive visualizations for management and client services are easy to create. Furthermore, tags can be used to group roaming partners, e.g. geographically, by staff responsible or other.

All-in-one solution

Having provided for service openings in Rollouts and roaming partner management in Networks, a central solution allows easy access to all test SIM cards. All important roaming tariffs – both from standard IOT and discount agreements – are in one safe and central repository with direct access to all relevant documents.
In order to keep all partner documents in one place and have all partner information ready within seconds, controlled access with a granular permission system is provided for.
Finally, our solution automatically collects all contact information included in RAEX IR.21 and RAEX OpData documents and presents them in a clearly arranged overview. It goes without saying, that technology and functionality aspects guarantee a secure and restricted access.

RoamsysNext’s Wholesale Roaming Manager is a powerful tool that fits the needs of roaming coordinators, the commercial team, operations and management. Some corporations like to keep the lead, so they also connect with the RoamsysNext Network Configuration Optimizer to fully automate IR.21 related processes and improve the communication between different teams.

Make value-driven decisions

All in all, the Wholesale Roaming Manager encompasses everything to gain additional revenues. Company targets can be reached more easily by launching more roaming agreements than ever before and going live earlier. With an all-in-one solution there finally is one central place for all relevant information and documents to monitor roaming activity, provide users with the appropriate access permissions, enforce custom password policies and benefit from end-to-end encryption to keep data private. Having all the information at hand, it has become very easy to gain intelligence and to make value-driven decisions. RoamsysNext tools already help more than 700 MNOs across the globe; stay tuned for more advanced developments from the house of RoamsysNext.

Gabriele Lieser joined RoamsysNext in 2020 as Customer Success Manager to strengthen the bonds with our increasing number of customers and to support the marketing team. Gabriele has a strong background in corporate sales. She studied at the Universities of Trier (Germany) and Manitoba (Canada) and is incorporated in the RoamsysNext Client Service team.

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