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Fraud and security issues cause considerable problems within mobile network operators. Security breaches are not only annoying: cleaning up the dirt goes along with considerable loss of time, revenue, subscriber trust and, at the end of the day, MNOs suffer the deterioration of the brand and their reputation. However, fraud prevention and security is anything but a predicament. To anyone willing to improve further, our experts at RoamsysNext can be of use with the means at their hands: data, knowledge, and experience.

It is no secret that telecom fraud is a fast-growing field. Isn’t it a cutting-edge and, at the same time, low-risk alternative to traditional crime methods such as mugging or robbing a bank? All joking aside, with the abuse of telecom products or services, considerable amounts of cash are transferred from the customer or carrier accounts right into the pockets of the attackers. Is it pocket money though? According to a 2019 report by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), fraud costs the telecom industry estimated €10.6 billion (US$ 12 billion) per year (other estimates range from 3-10 percent of the MNOs gross revenues).

RoamsysNext Insights

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Cost of churn

Fraud causes considerable problems within MNOs. Not only with the loss of revenue, but it consumes valuable time and effort to repair the damage on multiple fronts. In the end, MNOs suffer from the deterioration of their brand and their reputation. We all know too well: it takes so much more time, money and effort to win new customers than to nourish and cherish existing ones. Subscribers do not enjoy switching between operators as well. But if forced by loss of money, loss of personal data and unnerving amounts of time spent recovering data, who would not lose trust and switch to a competitor?
As a person in charge for fraud prevention and security, you don’t want to always have to clean up the mess, you want to take the fight to the fraudsters!

We at RoamsysNext relentlessly strive to help our customers to prosperity

Who answers for these damages? Time for outrage: the telecom companies pay for the costs of fraud themselves! Although there is quite a bit of cross-border cooperation on stopping fraud, investigations take their time. MNOs are investing continuously in protection from fraudsters. Annoyingly, most efforts concentrate on damage limitation after attacks have already taken place. Even if it does not matter whether or not all types of wrongful or improper activity performed against a mobile network are considered criminal in every country of the world. Any kind of help by intelligence sharing and providing additional information for correlation and verification of information would be welcome.

Taking up the fight

We at RoamsysNext are also very passionate about our customers, and relentlessly strive to help their prosperity. Over 120 customers in 90 countries already trust RoamsysNext’s product suite. Moreover, in our recently launched customer satisfaction survey, we received honest and wholehearted feedback from the people in charge who use our software-as-a-service solutions on a daily basis. Among other things, the survey clearly showed that our clients highly welcome our ability to listen to their needs, wishes and requirements. Our daily assignment is to transfer this information into easy-to-use software that offers an all-in-one solution with fast and flexible applicability. Since our customers need help with fraud detection, fraud prevention and security, it goes without saying that we have taken up the thread. Our qualified and experienced teams of specialists have picked up the trail and are developing smart solutions.

What would it feel like to get your life back?

As the GSMA’s premium RAEX vendor, the RoamsysNext Network Configuration Optimizer already offers many functionalities that help protect your network. Our tools and experts are actively closing open doors for the fraudsters by providing high quality, validated configuration data and allowing automation of workflows for our customers. With the RAEX standard, data quality has already increased remarkably but most threats are still caused by misconfigured network nodes.

Our unique position, as custodians of data for hundreds of networks, means that we can help any operator at any stage of building defences – we provide the most up-to-date and correct configurations for various network elements to block any unwanted or unauthorized traffic.

We are already on it to help teams secure their network faster

Since we are experienced in developing the InfoCentre RAEX Tools application on behalf of the GSMA, our tools are fully compliant and can be most easily implemented. Our industry experts and developers are already working on new solutions to help your teams secure your network faster and more effectively, based on your individual needs. Talk to us, we will listen to you.

Gabriele Lieser joined RoamsysNext in 2020 as Customer Success Manager to strengthen the bonds with our increasing number of customers and to support the marketing team. Gabriele has a strong background in corporate sales. She studied at the Universities of Trier (Germany) and Manitoba (Canada) and is incorporated in the RoamsysNext Client Service team.

“The team is a crucial asset”

It has been an exciting year for RoamsysNext. And as 2023 is coming to an end, we took the opportunity to talk with CEO Michael Grasmück about the past year, the growing team that becomes more and more international, and the comeback of an industry institution.