We love finding quick and easy-to-use ways to help our clients with problem solving. And we love improving our processes and are always eager to implement even better procedures. Nourishing from various sources in the past years, we came to believe that we are kind of good at that.

But as my grandfather wisely said “believing is not knowing”. We conducted a global survey asking our clients to evaluate our way of communicating, the use of our products and innovation.

Big thanks to all of our valued customers who took the time

and made the effort to answer the questions!

RoamsysNext Customer Survey

So what do our customers think of us?

The survey was launched March 30th and closed on April 20th, 2020. It was made of twenty questions investigating our customers’ view on communication with our teams, use of our products and state of innovation. Almost 800 invitations were sent out to active customers. More than 11% of them took the survey which is very good.

For me the tool is working perfect concerning working from home.

Customer Quote

So user friendly and the team always helps quickly if I’m having issues.

Customer Quote

Ease of use and RoamsysNext support is very good.

Customer Quote

Ease of interface – kind and quick support – tool of function.

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Continue adapting to your customer needs in your agile way of working.

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It’s an extreme pleasure to work with RoamsysNext and their tools!

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Communication with the RoamsysNext team during the sales, contract and implementation phase reaped average approval ratings of overwhelming 86,31%. Our valued users find communication with us extremely/very effective regarding understanding customers’ needs, the ability to provide solutions, meeting deadlines, and ease of contract. In the same manner, 85,53% appreciate the teams’ way of communicating with regard to account management, support, regular improvements and incident management as extremely/very effective.

Since our products can easily be used to work from home, 86,15% of customers use them several times per week. Main reasons for implementing RoamsysNext tools were the ease of use, fast and flexible applicability, great support, knowledgeable specialists and having everything in one place while being linked to GSMA/Infocentre. Users also appreciated that the tools are tailored to customers’ requirements and continuously improve with customers’ needs.

Addressing the topic of innovation, three quarters of our delighted customers think that RoamsysNext is driving innovation to a great deal/a lot in the industry.

We also retrieved the Net Promoter Score®, an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. In our case, 93,55% of our clients like RoamsysNext’s products, according to industry benchmarks the Net Promoter Score® for RoamsysNext tools is way above average.

I have had zero issues working from home with RoamsysNext as I VPN into my network desktop and work accordingly.

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It’s a very good and flexible product that continuously improves with the needs of the customer.

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The easy way to check every information from other networks and the easy way of reporting.

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We feel that our appreciated customers deserve the best possible service. And our goal is to provide great tools that get the job done and make working life as easy as possible for you. Consequently, we asked for suggestions on how we can further improve. Thanks to the wonderful and valuable feedback, our products can become better and serve customers’ needs even better!

Thank you to our great friends from the UK, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Japan, USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Albania, Greece, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, South Africa, Macedonia, Jersey, India, Ecuador and Vietnam!

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