We are very proud of having our “RAEX Jedi” Mihai Luca elected as “influencer” among the “100 most influential people in Roaming and Interconnect” in the latest ROCCO report.

During his seven years as business analyst at RoamsysNext, he has been a crucial part in fostering improvements for the entire RAEX standardization. Having been introduced to the secrets of the roaming industry he very soon formed the industry with jedi forces.

Mihai Luca in a talk at WAS #10 together with GSMA’s Carmen Kwok

The ROCCO IOO REPORT 2020 ranks the top 100 most influential people of the industry, nominated by their colleagues. The unknown voters of Mihai, appreciated his important role within the GSMA’s RAEX schema updates leading to improved data quality, as well as his quick perception of operator’s needs and the ability to find solutions for nearly every problem.

With this talent Mihai lives and breathes the RoamsysNext-DNA and relentlessly strives for bulletproof intelligent solutions that can be built only with a solid standardization of processes. The security of mobile networks is the biggest challenge nowadays. We are sure, he will again play a big role in implementing intelligent and standardized solutions for protecting mobile network infrastructures and lead on!

Congratulations, Mihai, glad to have you!