We at RoamsysNext recently launched an extensive customer satisfaction survey in order to collect valuable feedback from the people who use our software-as-a-service solutions on a daily basis: our appreciated users. In order to be a truly successful service provider, they are the ones who matter the most.

However, not every service provider thinks that way. Many companies make the mistake of relying too much on their own expertise. Don’t get that wrong: Having a deep and profound understanding of your core business (e.g. developing software) is absolutely crucial to be successful. But it is just one of the two main pillars to become an excellent service provider. The other factor is the one we want to put special emphasis on.

RoamsysNext Customer Survey

When we asked our customers to share their opinion on our solutions their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Four aspects were especially pointed out:

  • Our tools are very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Our customers appreciate the continuous updates and refinements of our service applications.
  • Our support team is very friendly, very flexible and easy to reach out to.
  • Our telecommunications specialists actually understand the challenges our customers are facing.

As you can see, only one of these four key factors for our customers’ happiness is actually related to our expertise in software development. The three other factors all lead us towards the second pillar of being a successful service provider: customer orientation.

To make this point very clear: Imagine going to a hairdresser. Sure, you want to go to a hairdresser that actually knows how to professionally cut and style your hair (which can be really hard, as some of us have experienced during the pandemic). But you do not just want a technically well done haircut that your hairdresser likes. You want a haircut you like, an impeccable haircut you feel comfortable with. The same logic applies for every service-oriented business and for a software-developing company as we are.

Developers and industry experts working hand in hand

“The people who are shaping the RoamsysNext idea are the ultimate asset that makes this company more than just a software provider”, Dr. Andreas Gniffke, Head of Client Services, points out: “We always try to be in the vanguard where the telco industry is heading to. We help to shape new standards and make life easier for everyone involved. Many of our valued partners and topmost skilled employees have years, sometimes decades, of experience in the industry. We are using these competencies to turn the feedback we receive from our customers into a constantly evolving software fully based on the needs of the users and the industry itself.”

“This is especially important in a maximal innovation-driven and constantly changing field. These people give RoamsysNext the considerable edge that helps our customers reach their peak performance. And for me as one of the responsible staff members that is also very close to the customer, it is of utmost importance to  have this massive competence in the background with network engineers, TAP specialists, former roaming managers etc. Their skills make our lives at the front line much easier and more comfortable. And the customer satisfaction survey clearly shows, that also the customers highly appreciate our ability to listen to their needs and to find instant and profound solutions to all possible and some previously impossible needs and wishes they expressed.”

To make a long story short: Focus on the customers. Believe us, they will notice.