Dashboards and reporting features have been at the top of our priority list for months. Now, we finally improved these functionalities with a special focus on our group customers.

With the introduction of the new RAEX IOT/OpData schema into the GSMA InfoCentre RAEX Tools application we also updated the RoamsysNext applications and added some long-awaited new features and improvements.

Group Report

Powerful new features for operator groups

As we are proud to have some of the biggest operator groups as RoamsysNext customers, we further develop complex features to ensure the best possible collaboration between group members. Especially reporting functionalities are important to align group members with the company goals and policies and to identify gaps and discrepancies.

The most advanced new feature we introduced with the current release of our Wholesale Roaming Manager is the powerful group country coverage report. This report combines the functionalities of the group member Service coverage and Country coverage reports to display the coverage level for your whole group. It offers a customisable colour coding and you can switch between world map and table view. Of course it allows to export your reports as PDF. Now it’s also possible to save different reports in all available reports (Group country coverage, Country coverage and Service coverage).

Apart from the Networks module also the IREG Toolbox and Rollouts got new group functionalities. Within the dashboard both now offer a new group view with group-specific gadgets. The group dashboard can be accessed by the group switch icon at the top. Please note that the group dashboard settings are global, regardless of the group member context you are currently in.

Additional new features

As always we implemented some smaller improvements in this release all customers can benefit from. VoLTE is now fully supported in all RoamsysNext applications and the saved quick filters have been revamped. Within the IREG Toolbox we included the Networks connection status informations also in the Tasks overview and the IP backbone range Audits for merged IP ranges show more detailed error messages.

In Networks the Connections overview and the Networks overview now contain information about 2G/3G network closures and 4G/VoLTE/5G network availabilities, but please be aware, that due to the fractured nature of this information, this report makes no claims to completeness. If you find incorrect or missing information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will correct it right away!

The next release is scheduled for May 21 2020!