The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking the world and is changing the industry as well as our ways to collaborate. RoamsysNext CEO Michael Grasmück gives some insights how the situation is treated within the company and how the RoamsysNext products can support the industry in difficult times.

Very first of all: How are you, how is everyone at the company?

We’re all doing fine. Nobody has been infected with Covid-19 and everyone is doing his or her best to keep it that way. Pretty much all of our employees are currently working from home so we do not take any risks on the safety of our team.

Does the pandemic affect any of the RoamsysNext services?

Not at all. Due to the way we work and due to the way we provide our services, our customers are not affected by the crisis at all. Actually, we are about to release our regular update today which will improve our tools yet again. So, if anything, we are using the isolation of the home office to get even more work done!

A lot of users are currently working from home as well. How can your products help them getting their work done?

It’s difficult times in general, but also for the industry. Roaming traffic is decreasing dramatically, as people aren’t allowed to travel. Nonetheless, the tasks that need to be completed basically stay the same. Due to our solutions network engineers stay updated on their task lists and can keep improving roaming. Roaming volumes might go down, but those customers who still roam are in urgent need of high-quality connections and services. Therefore, it’s simply no option to pause roaming management. This is what we help with.

Another benefit is that Roaming Managers can keep reporting to their Management Boards, thanks to their automated reporting tools provided by us. And as we all hope that this pandemic will have an end soon, we expect people to start travelling again. So MNOs must be prepared for increasing roaming traffic and our solutions give them the best possible position to speed up again.

How about the customer service? Who can I reach out to in case I have questions while working from home myself?

Again: You will not notice any difference. Our customer support team is fully available for any questions regarding our services. If your company sent you into home office and you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always glad to help.

That being said: We at RoamsysNext are just playing a very small role in keeping things in our industry up and running while many other people like the medical and nursing staff, logistics and law enforcement forces (just to name a few), are working very hard to actually improve the situation as a whole and help people in need of assistance during these though times. Big thanks to everyone who’s out there giving his or her best for their communities! Please take care of yourself and stay safe.