RoamsysNext is well known for the ability to provide customer focussed solutions and is now strengthening its Client Service Team to be even closer to the customers. Gabriele Lieser has joined the team to ensure a profound account management for our ever growing number of customers.

As a novice and career changer the first days in a new industry are quite intense with a lot of new impressions and things to learn, but the team made the start for Gabriele as smooth as possible: “I had a very warm welcome at RoamsysNext, the team is incredibly professional, helpful and friendly. As soon as I joined the first team meetings as well as customer calls, the company’s good relations to its customers became immediately obvious.”

Gaby Lieser

In Gabriele’s previous careers, customer relationship management played a crucial role, so she’s a perfect fit for a new, even more customer focussed approach RoamsysNext is currently running: “Having finished my studies at the University of Trier and Manitoba, Canada, I decided to establish myself in corporate sales. Since I am passionate about business results and quality I also have a strong sense of accountability and ownership. Changing jobs from being a sales manager in the advertising industry takes my abilities to the next level. I am happy to provide my power and experience to the Client Service Team at RoamsysNext which gives me great joy and makes me proud to be a part of this exciting company.”

Being hired as a “Customer Success Manager” we are fully aware, that this might sound as a modern buzzword, but the success character of this position is taken very seriously, as Andreas Gniffke, Head of Client Services and Gabriele’s new manager, points out: “With her open mind and sales background she convinced us from the very beginning. We are proud of having a very fast and competent customer support with a strong focus to answering any questions and customer issues  as quickly as possible.”

With every release new features enter our tools, most of them are based on input we get directly from our customers. One of our goals for this year is to get this input EVEN before the customer brings it to us. By improving our tools we want to further increase customer satisfaction and secure that our customers get the best software and the best services in the industry. Gabriele will be of great help here running surveys, managing accounts and just call customers to give answers without knowing the questions.”