I’m sure you realized that dashboards and other reporting features are high on the RoamsysNext agenda. With the latest application update we made a huge step forward and are happy to introduce the Global Dashboard. With it we also added some other features for many modules that will make your life and work much easier.

Your preferred dashboard gadgets brought together

We received great feedback regarding all the dashboards and gadgets we added to our different modules in 2019. But to get the full picture you needed to click through all dashboards to find and summarize the information you need.

With the fully customizable Global Dashboard you can now display your favourite gadgets conveniently on one central page accessible via the launchpad. After the introduction of the partner dashboards in October this is the NEXT big step moving forward to our planned management solution with a lot of reporting features brought together.

One important thing to mention:

Same as for the partner dashboard the global dashboard will only be available for a limited time as part of our existing product bundles without any extra charge. In the coming months it will be bundled into a separate product that can be purchased together with more enhanced reporting features across all applications!

Network Configuration Optimizer: A completely new search experience!

Our Network Configuration Optimizer now comes with a new, more flexible and more comfortable search engine. You can access it by clicking on the new “Search” icon in the navigation bar or by using the keyboard shortcut “ALT+F”.

The functionality has also been enhanced: As you type text into the input field, a list of suggested searches will be displayed. And in addition to results for current data, the Search now also shows results for tasks that have not yet been completed.

Also new is a highly requested extract for the VoLTE roaming architectures subsection of the VoLTE section that helps you keeping track on VoLTE compliant roaming partners.

More flexibility for service openings and partner management

From now on you are able to delete multiple rollouts at once and we also added the possibility to add a specific SMS-Hub for a connection in addition to a regular roaming hub. Both features have been highly requested by our customers and as you know we are listening! The Connections 3rd party API has also been enhanced with additional metadata calls that allow authorised users to get a list of available roaming services and connection status values.

The next release is scheduled for March 26 2020!