Two weeks ago WAS #10 in Valencia started and the RoamsysNext team is still enthusiastic after four inspirational days.

Most probably everybody in the industry has seen and talked to Johannes Kaiser before, as Head of Business Development he’s one of the faces of RoamsysNext at big conferences like WAS.

So we took the opportunity to talk to Johannes about his impressions of a fantastic event and the next steps on our way driving global connectivity.

Johannes Kaiser between our colleagues from POST Luxembourg and CYAN

Johannes between our colleagues from POST Luxembourg and CYAN

Johannes, it’s about two weeks now since WAS and you are still having a smile on your face. How was it for you?

I am going to WAS and BARG meetings for 11 years now. It is always a great chance to meet people from all over the world. However, this time it was also special for me as we had some new and exciting stories to tell. We just launched the new brand, we introduced our new partnerships in the security area and started the Roaming Innovation Forum.

Inspirational discussions with customers (with Markus Thausing-Aichberger, A1 Telekom Austria)

Were there any special highlights?

I think the venue itself was very nice this time, Telefonica did a great job! We had Mihai Luca presenting the newest developments related to RAEX and BCE on stage and we hosted a really nice party on the last day – which was Halloween. And of course we had some excellent chats with existing and potential new customers. The positive feedback and new input from these meetings is what makes such an event so valuable for me and my company.

The days after WAS seem to be as busy as the conference itself. What are the current plans and tasks?

For us the main work actually starts after the conference. We had more than 100 meetings in Valencia and will individually follow-up on all of them. So my team and I will be busy reaching out to all our contacts to take up the good discussions we had during WAS.

You want to know how to participate in the Roaming Innovation Forum? Just download the handout and get in contact with us at