Today we’d like to complete the introduction of the RoamsysNext Advisory Board with Marcus Süllmann, an international chief financial officer with a proven record of driving change in businesses of all sizes in various industries.

Marcus Suellmann

With Marcus Süllmann we get the insights of a truly international CFO into the company, who has gained financial and business experience in telecom, FMCG, logistics, services and manufacturing industries, in companies such as Vodafone, DHL Express, Kellogg’s and Tetra Pak. Recently, Marcus held the position as CFO of Vodafone’s global roaming company as well as of Vodafone’s global procurement company.

The seasoned financial expert is impressed by the latest developments of the company: “RoamsysNext have demonstrated from their work with the GSMA and their wide base of connected operators that they have the right foundations to innovate the industry. As every brand in the high-street now connects through telecoms, this is the most interesting time to make a difference in this industry, with good strategy and focus on the challenging economic conditions operators face with wholesale roaming.”

RoamsysNext CEO Michael Grasmück would like to thank all three advisors for accepting our invitation to join the team in this important period. “The board of directors and the entire RoamsysNext team look forward to working with Gerrit, Stephen and Marcus. We can’t wait to get inspired by their ideas to make sure that the 2020s marks another turning point for the company, offering more new services to more operators and driving global connectivity.”

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