Introducing a new brand aimed at “Driving Global Connectivity” for wholesale roaming.

Roamsys has for more than 12 years been at the center of how mobile operators run their wholesale roaming businesses through the provision of our roaming management solutions used by 120 mobile operators (MNOs) in 90 countries. Roamsys tools have a history of saving considerable time and money for MNOs globally by assisting them in the delivery of wholesale roaming and allowing them to optimize their businesses, enhance network quality, reduce costs and as such pass on these savings to mobile subscribers around the world.

Welcome to the age of global connectivity

With the introduction of RoamsysNext we are recognizing that the age of global and intelligent connectivity for devices and consumers has truly begun. Exploring technologies like Blockchain, machine learning and how processes can evolve based on these technologies is the key to focus on “Next” in the new brand identity. Our aim is not only to support the MNOs and connected companies in managing their core business, but also to create a community of experts focused on security in a steadily more risk-aware industry.

Michael Grasmueck, CEO of RoamsysNext, was the first to add his thoughts on why the world of connectivity has turned an important corner. “In Europe, we have a tendency to believe that roaming revenues can no longer be optimized, but what we’ve always known from our perspective in Roamsys, is that there are many ways to optimize costs and obtain additional efficiency gains. As we get into NB-IoT, 5G and global VoLTE provisioning, MNOs and other connected companies need the workflows and extra insights our tools provide to make that important difference to their productivity.”

Innovators for more than a decade

Roamsys first became a household name for MNOs when they were chosen by the GSMA to provision the GSMA RAEX solutions for IR.21, IOT and OpData. In working with the GSMA we were exposed to relevant and important information from MNOs on what they needed to manage their data. Slowly, over the course of the last 10 years Roamsys learned what more could be done to bring insightful tools to support GSMA standards and the challenges of all MNOs globally. Still leading the innovation of the RAEX tools in the GSMA today, the business knows that there is much more potential to optimize services especially when it comes to 5G and the focus on quality which this brings.

RoamsysNext logo

RoamsysNext’s Wholesale Roaming Manager focusses on roaming partner relationships, introducing collaboration tools which converge everything from test SIM cards, document and contacts management to much more sensitive areas which need specific care, e.g. network node configuration (Network Configuration Optimizer), areas which can have an huge impact on revenues if handled poorly.

“Our mission will be the development of innovative solutions, let’s e.g. think of a machine-learning based tool for every new roaming service, together with a community that has the necessary industry and technical insights”, said Michael Grasmueck. “We believe that there’s only one company globally which has our MNO knowledge, a team dedicated to R&D and close research with MNOs. Working side by side with them is in our DNA and how we build tools and why we have created RoamsysNext”.

Meet us at WAS #10 in Valencia

Visitors to the GSMA WAS #10 event in Valencia later this month will have the chance to meet RoamsysNext at our booth and learn about the changes first-hand.  For more information and to arrange meetings with the team, contact us at and check the ongoing news on And not to forget, we will host a party to celebrate the new level in our company’s history.